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Below are the very first Deck Log Entries.
Joe Goble
Served on the LAPON fron 1977 - 1978 (TMSN)under Chief Decoster.
Brian Price ET1(SS)
Served ?81-?83 in Reactor Controls Division. I wrote the yellow covered ?banana book? of notes that helped many a nuc get qualified back aft and get his dolphins. Was also the keeper of the ?Real Log Book? for a time. Currently a Control Room Supervisor at Callaway Nuclear Plant. On ?83 Northern Run, masterminded stealing XO Zavadil?s door on halfway night. Knew he was bluffing about going to GQ to find it. The meal was great too! Who was the Sonarman that had to be the door until it was found? He was the one that dressed up and spooked Zavadil up out of a good sleep the previous Halloween. Visited Jim Brannon at Maine Yankee after I got out in ?83. What ever happened to Lane Palmer? I thought he made ETC. At Callaway Nuclear Plant, we have 4 Lapon vets: plankholder John Scherr, Neil McBeth, Steve Taylor and myself. Would love to hear from John Dwyer and other ?81-?83 shipmates. I?ve heard from Baumstark, Brannon, Carter, ?King Dink Brock, Satterfield, and Grow. What?s Grow?s new e-mail? And what about the ENG: John ?Wayne? Evans, or Speigelthal (sp) or Jungle Jim George, or the Dork from New York, or the RC Div officer that got the yacht club assignment at Annapolis? Best damn set of junior officers an enlisted guy could ask for. Remember the fiasco with the MG set that management decreed did not have a bowed casing? I still have one of those bearings. Enjoy the pics. BDP ET1(SS)
Brian Price ET1(SS)
As I was saying..., On ?83 Northern Run, masterminded stealing XO Zavadil?s door on halfway night. Knew he was bluffing about going to GQ to find it. The meal was great too! Who was the Sonarman that had to be the door until it was found? He was the one that dressed up and spooked Zavadil up out of a good sleep the previous Halloween. Visited Jim Brannon at Maine Yankee after I got out in ?83. What ever happened to Lane Palmer? I thought he made ETC. At Callaway Nuclear Plant, we have 4 Lapon vets: plankholder John Scherr, Neil McBeth, Steve Taylor and myself. Would love to hear from John Dwyer and other ?81-?83 shipmates. I?ve heard from Baumstark, Brannon, Carter, ?King Dink? Brock, Satterfield, and Grow. What?s Grow?s new e-mail? And what about the ENG: John ?Wayne? Evans, or Speigelthal (sp) or Jungle Jim George, or the Dork from New York, or the RC Div officer that got the yacht club assignment at Annapolis? Best damn set of junior officers an enlisted guy could ask for. Remember the fiasco with the MG set that management decreed did not have a bowed casing? I still have one of those bearings. Enjoy the pics. BDP ET1(SS)
Jack Sutherin
Plank Owner - email correction since @home went tits up. jack
John Wojewodzki
Came aboard as an sdsn (non qualified puke, obnl) and left as TMC(ss) all thanks to the efforts of DJ DeCoster. Did two tours 74-79 and 81 -83. Left Lapon for the Memphis when I made Chief. I see the names of all my shipmates and I wish I had time to email all of you. Looking through the web site brings back alot of memories, like being thrown overboard in St. Croix, butt naked in broad daylight after I qualified, Kangaroo court in the Torpedo room and some interesting watches on the dive up north. Anybody hear from Henry Beck? Earl Megisson, I still feel responsible for your brain tumor. Doug Cox- I hope your eating better these days. Ronald Guess- always figured you for a preacher, hows your wife and daughter? Hi to all the rest of you, if you have the inclination to write, I'll answer all e-mails. Oh yes I did change my name, made my life alot simpler
Dwight Fisher
Became a Chief Petty officer aboard LAPON 1988-1990. A great crew and the best "Goat Locker" in my 20 years of service.
R C Gillette Capt
R C Gillette @ webtv.net
Formally Exutive Officer of The U.S.S.Lapon SS 260 My phone number is 1-301-320 4273. I have been putting together a book on the exploits of the lapon in W.W. !! Ialso have a list of all the former shipmates who served aboard from its commissioning many have passed on but a few keep in touch from time to time.
Chet Zeshonski
HM of the Watch: To thank all those who acted as mentors and tried to show me the way. Of all my duty stations Lapon was the most introspective. Even now I learn from the memories and I wish I gave the crew as much as they me. If I failed anyone I ask your forgiveness. If I knew then what I know now I hope I would use that knowledge to the max and wisely. You were one hell of crew
Edward J Taff
Served on board Lapon May,1943-December,1945 as a M0MM1/C(SS) in charge of the after engine room made 8 war patrols on USS Lapon SS260
Tim "Dick" Richard
ET2(SS)'87-'91 Some chief on there once told me (when he overheard me bitching) I'd gradually forget the bad times and cherish the good times and I remember thinking, "yeah, right!" Looking back, all the times were not necessarily good, but were none the less memorable. I haven't fallen off any fences onto my face lately or danced on any stages naked, but hey, if you've done it once and done it right, once is enough. I love the Lapon memories and reading some of these messages or names brings back some I'd forgotten. I'm still living in Va. Bch. but I tend to stay away from submarines although I did tour the Russian Foxtrot tied up in Long Beach two weeks ago. Pretty cool if any of you get the chance.
Bill (FiFi) LeFave
(plank owner) See page 3 of log for details. Just adding new email address....Also glad to see Stan the Man Westover finally showed up.
Dale Brecht
i serviced aboard uss lapon 68-70 be glad to hear from anybody. dale
Martin Gerald
My first tour outta Prototype. I was on the Lapon from late '90 until she was turned to razor blades in the summer of '92. I was unfortunate enough to be in Mare Island at the time of Tim Overbay's death. Just saw the note here about Zavadil having been on Lapon. When Pete Flannery left Lapon, he moved to Squadron 6 Commmodore, then I worked on SCRANTON for the next Commodore, John Bird. Strange that... Currently I work for Jim Rodgers (see his previous posts here) at NNS in the Nuc Test Department. I feel like a fish out of water working on a target!! Formerly MM1(SS) Gerald
C T Gertsch stscs/ss ret
Hey all Lapon, I'm looking for sts3 "Bear" Knebble. I believe he was onboard in 1975? till ??. Anyone rember this character,he was from Ohio,I believe and was big time into motorcycles. Thank for any help.
Edward Weinkam
LT - 1975 through 1979 I have moved to Wisconsin (from Florida - go figure) My new eamil address is e.weinkam@attbi.com
Bob Smith (Torpedoman)
Was in Torpedo Division onboard Lapon from 1984 to 1987. My bestest bud and shipmate was Randy Melbye (A-gang). We shared an apartment together. Remember the Christmas tree we didn't get rid of until Febuary Randy? I had a bottom rack just inside the bow compartment for the IO run. Bill Prendergast used to come flying in there for drills, and nail his head on the oxygen defusser every time. I work at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. I see the Lapon every day on my way out. She is parked over with the rest of the dead fleet. I saw somthing yesturday that said she was going into drydock in march to be cut-up. Sad thing. I've made my reservations, and hope to see alot of my old buds and shipmates in October.
jerry simon
I was a mm3 aux from 77 to 80 I had the honor to be the helmsman planesman on our meritorious expidition to the uknown north,the bluenose ceremony was a once in a lifetime experience I miss the best of the best!
Ray Schwartzhoff
Lutheran Home 425 Badger St, Caledonia, MN, 55921
this is my uncle. he served from 42-45. was a MOMM2 v6. he said he made all patrols. he was on the R-9 and Sub Div 121(R.C.) he will be 90 this week. talks about Cpt's Kirk and Stone. he has no phone or e-mail. my name is ED BOOTH SGM ret edanderm@aol.com
Tom Oxford
Hour ago (4/22/03) I ran into this guy who rode Finback (670) and commissioned Los Angeles (688), and we told a few lies, so I'm feeling sentimental, right? Decided for the first time ever to look up Lapon and, WHAM, there are all you guys! It's great to see your voices. I was in the shipyard in '69 and word came that Whitey Mack was looking for hands. I went over and I did that run. Was a jg at the time. Stood watches in Control with Mouw... he chewed his way through ten thousand toothpicks every time, just hangin there watchin for that rascal to twitch. I'm in LA doing computer work for Ross Perot's company, software mostly. Son's a machinist on La Jolla out of Pearl, younger son is on Stennis, working now out of San Diego. The Navy's all around. It's all good.
Timothy Stone
Wow. I had no idea this site was online. I am the grandson of L.T. Stone. I would be interested in hearing from veterans that served with my grandfather in the South Pacific (my grandfather died when I was still an infant). I have read the Official Naval History of the sub and have an intense interest in all things submarine, esp. WWII and the German U-Boat campaign Drumbeat. What a great site. I'm calling my father and asking what items we might have that the website could use (photos, etc.).
Bill Stone
My son ran across the website and suggested I look it up. My father was one of the first skippers of the Lapon, Lowell T. " Steamie" Stone, commanding on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th patrols. He passed away in 1971, was buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery, given full honors by the local Submarine Service veterans organization and rests among many "retired" submariners.
Dan Wells
IC3 89-91.Served under ICC Fisher then IC1 Brooks.Does anyone rember"RUDE DOGS MED RUN FROM HELL?"Let me know.
Jorge Payne
Served on Lapon in E-Div 76-79. Met my future wife at Big Club in Palau while on Med Run summer 1978. Still married after 25 years. Working in Western Australia for 6 months helping Aussies with Collins class subs. Big question, while I am in the Perth/Fremantle area, who can explain where the platypus in the mess deck came from? Any particular pub? And where is it now?
Bill Blow
Left as ET2/SS, served as Q4 tech from 88-92. Dan, I remember "the Med run from hell". I still have a T-shirt hanging in my closet (doesn't fit though). Loved the mid-watch movie . . . I mean after mid-watch movie. (ESM watch, report to radio). Slept in torpedo room for Ice Ex '88. I'd love to go back and visit, but wouldn't want another turn. A big HELLO! to all the guys that served with me.
Alan Barker STS 3 (SS)
Was in ST Div from July 77 to Dec 78. Made the run out of the yards in Newport News and the shakedown Southern Run and the Med Run of 78. Whatever happened to Dennis "Beetle" Bailey? Know he went to the USS Ohio commissioning crew and lost him after that. Hello to the few that remember me after all this time. Ron Semple, what ever happened to you? Back in GA? Also, the A-gang friends, like Dave Schroder. Doug Cox, I remember the haggy-baggy contest you won in New London. Was she really collecting Social Security? Vinny Bova, you played a mean air guitar... Would enjoy hearing from any of you (some I've already e-mailed). Take care, guys....Hope to see you at a reunion.
Joe March ET2/SS
ESM tech MAY85 to SEP87. Retired JUL03. To my sea dads Robert Broderick and Steve Hughes: I never would have reenlisted if I didn't start out with you guys. (Anyone who worked for Chritchlow knows what I mean!) Steven Robert March will be 17 soon. Hey Roger, where are you ole buddy? Looking forward to the reunion cruise. The most satisfying moment of my career was my checkout with J.J.Mackin and I can't wait to tell him. I am now a diver/habitat technician working in Key Largo, FL on the UNCW/NURC undersea habitat Aquarius. Did I mention I love this job?
Joe March (cont)
same as before
I am now a diver/habitat technician working on UNCW/NURC Undersea habitat Aquarius located in Key Largo, FL. Did I mention I love this job. I ran in to Randy Melbye later on the OK City (SSN-723) (you still owe me $1 for flatting the tires on that truck of that red headed cheif of yours) Ran into Bob Wert at the Sub Ball in San Diego (still wondering about that MSN Bob?) Ran in to Smitty (another TM) in Bangor, WA We shared some good memories.
Joe March
14 OCT 03
Just returned from the Lapon reunion cruise. Had an excellent time with (MMC and Mrs) Doc Williams and (CDR and Mrs) JJ Mackin. Looking forward to to '05 reunion and hopefully more of my Lapon shipmates.
Richard A. Irelan
STS2(SS) 1978 - 1983
Richard A. Irelan
see above
Jeez! Computers are hard. Well Done to JB for setting up a memorable reunion. It was great to see everyone. I can't wait for the next one. If any of you guys see me son, call me. Kidding!
Tony Francia
E Mail: jenton@charter.net Phone 817 341 0481
ET1(SS)Continued career after Lapon. Served in USS Ray SSN 653 then was selected for LDO and went the the USS William H. Standley CG-32 "Big Target", was GQ OOD, followed by maintenance officer job at NAVCAMS westpac in Guam. Then to Norfolk as EMO of USS Saipan LHA-2 (Bigger Target), Last tour was as OIC MOTU-1, Pearl Harbor from Dec 84 to Feb 88. After retirement Became a realtor in Woodland Park, Colorado. The Jenny's careed in civil service caught on fire and we went to San Francisco. Then 7 years in Arkansas, 1 year on the Mississippi gulf coast and finally weatherford, Texas. I just retired from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (what did an ex-bubblehead do there) where I worked as a systems engineer on the Joint Strike Fighter Program. If any of you Lapon sailors are in my area please look me up. We can tell sea stories over a couple of beers. Sorry I missed the 2003 reunion "damn"!!
Greg Miller
Great seeing all former crewmembers on the cruise. Great job on putting together a very enjoyable trip!
Bob Smith
Torpedo Division 1984-1987. I work at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. The 661 was placed on the blocks along with 639 in the same drydock. Her rudder was cut off last week while waterborn. Very sad being here and seeing her slowly go away.
Gerald Joseph
crewmember '68-'69
Greg Mills (Doc)
HM onboard from 1985-1988. Sitting in my Sports Room, but it also has a wall dedicated to the Lapon. I read these comments along with the emails and look at the large picture of Lapon, along with the picture of her through the ice, and finally the lithograph that Lt. Gouette did..what a boat!! Oh yeah...I still tell people about the fence in ST. Croiux, Richard!!!
Richard Corey
I came aboard Lapon in Aug.68 and left her in Portsmouth N.H. Dec.71. Great Crew Great Boat. We should have gone back after the "Gorilla" in Ft."Likerdale" Fla.
Todd Bronson
ET2(SS) Q4 operator from 89-92. I received a call from Will Swari last night (1/26/04), what a blast from the past. Kind of took me by suprise. It was great to find this web site and hear from friends from the past. Blow, I still have the "Rude Dog" T-shirt also. I'm sure I have lots of pictures from the Med Run in 90(?), when we ended up in Holy Loch, that I will get posted. My fondest memories are of standing toe-toe with Chief Werts in the Radio Room and yelling at each other, at least once a day. I believe he always had a short person complex and that's why he didn't like me. Alright I actually have better memories than that one but that's one that sticks out the most. I'll talk to guys again soon.
Mike Swore
Just updating my e-mail address. Nothing profound.
Richard Corey
3/22/04 new e-mail address served aug68-dec71 IC3(SS) anyone out there?? Rich
Bob Smith
Torpedo Division 1984-1987
Bob Smith
Just an e-mail update, and an update on the recycle efforts being done by PSNS to the 661. The sail has been removed, and she has several very large hull cuts. You can almost see the whole interior as you walk around the drydock wall through the large cuts. I'm happy to have been able to go onboard when she was still floating over in the mothball fleet, and walk through her. It was very strange though, very quiet, no one else was on board, it was somthing. Take care guys.
Michael Williams
As far as I know, was the very first PN to serve on both USS Ray (SSN653) and Lapon (SSN661). Not enough yeomen voluntered. Wasted 3 good months of quals on Ray, but in retrospect, getting transferred to Lapon saved me from that collision incident. I'll never forget DJ Decoster and the dance of the flaming asshole! I got to see Naples, LIsbon, the Virgin Islands, and that rock out in the middle of nowhere.....you know the one. Remember guys, I might have been short, but then again, my forehead never got dented and I was the only one you guys could cram into the back of the sonar gear to get to those charts....laugh. If anybody remembers me, feel free to give me a yell at my e-mail address.
Chuck Shepherd
Gentlemen, I am Base Commander for the Ozark-Runner Base of the United States Submarine Veterans Inc (USSVI) located in Springfield, Missouri. We are currently submitting a formal request for possession of the USS Lapon sail from Paul Murphy of NAVSEA in Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. The sail would be proudly mounted in a Memorial Garden located at the American Legion Post 639. They have approximately 32 acres dedicated to the preservation of military artifacts. They currently have mounted two (2) Vietnam era helicopters. A UH-1H (Huey) and a UH-1S (Cobra) in vintage condition. We are excited about this project and assure you, the crew of the Lapon, we would give the USS Lapon sail a good home and give her all the honors truly deserving of any proud United States Naval warrior! Sincerely, Chuck Shepherd, Base Commander, Ozark-Runner Base, Springfield, Missouri, http://www.angelfire.com/mo3/ozarkrunner
Jon Sutton
Update to new e-mail address.
David Little MM1 (SS)
Served onboard Lapon from 86-90 as MM and ELT. I was telling Sea Stories at work and a co-worker found this website. Great to reminisce about the good old days at sea. I still wake up on rare occasion thinking I've missed a pump shift sample. Hope there is a 2004 reunion.
John Clark
was RM2 (SS) onboard during summer/fall of 1973.Trying to find XO of that time A.O. Howard,LCDR. Anyone got info?
Charles Taliaferro
Please visit us for a great resource for U.S.S. LAPON shipmates and veterans.
Richard "Rick" Spicer
Lapon was my first and last boat with a lot of memories in between. But the guy's I served with here bring back some of the best memories. From the time Bob Broderick and I first checked on board to as a detailer he sent me back I will always remember this as some off the best times riding boats.
Bob Smith
Well boys, she's all gone. Nothing remains in the drydock she spent her last days but the RC sealed in a large container. Same for Tautog. They were cut up at the same time in the same drydock.
Greg Cobb MM1 SS
Hit the deck the same time as Costello in 71 Topside watch dropped my sea bag down the enginer room hatch and I got to drop Costellos down the Bow compartment hatch. Hey Cos. I Still have your white hat. Served till October 74. Went to the Baton Rouge. Did any of the M-Div Guys ever find that port condenser air leak? Made the overhaul in 71 and two med runs. Tom Keheley was my Best man. Any body see Ernie Norbeck or Phil Byrd? Hey Wags, did those headers ever stay on that El Comino? Jerry Noma can't be trusted!! He tells on people and watch out for his buddy Lower Level Lenord. I hope to make a reunion one day before I'm consumed by Hell. Right now I enjoy fishing in my 21 footer out of Grand Isle Louisiana.
Ron Byrnes
I am the brother of Henry Byrnes who was the radioman on the Lapon from 1943 to 1944-1945.
David Schroeder
"A" Ganger aboard the Lapon from 1976 thru 1979
Pete Mitchell RM2(SS)
Plank owner. I was just a kid. It was an awsome way to do my tour. I still remember the patrols, the MUC's the PUC, the trips to Ft. Lauderdale, Bermuda, Faslane etc.. Great Captain and great crew. I was proud to have served on Lapon and to work for Billy Burchell.
Chuck Shepherd
Base Commander, Ozark-Runner Base (USSVI)
Lapon Shipmates, As some of you already know the Ozark-Runner Base of the United States Submarine Veteran's, Inc and our friends at the American Legion Post 639 both located in Springfield, Missouri have been chosen by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard as the new home for the USS Lapon sail. We are extremely proud and humble to have been selected for such an honor. I can assure you we are going to place the USS Lapon in a place of honor truly deserving of such a honorable Cold War Warrior. Our community both veteran and civilian are excited and ready for the challenge. However the task ahead of us is a daunting one and we would kindly accept and appreciate any and all help you may be able to give. For all the latest information I have assembled the web site listed below. Please feel free to visit. Also go to our main page and sign our guest book. All entries are appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed. http://www.angelfire.com/mo3/ozarkrunner/laponproject.html, Also feel free to e-mail me at: bubblehed738@mchsi.com Thank you, Chuck Shepherd, Base Commander, Ozark-Runner Base, Springfield, Missouri

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