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Below are the very first Deck Log Entries.
Rich Irelan
What a fantastic time! I just got back from the reunion and it was the best experience I've ever had. So many old and great friends were there. There is nothing like reliving good memories with great people. It helps set the priorities on what is really important. And to hear those great stories from the other shipmates...well it just lets you know that there is continuity and a shared purpose for all of us lucky enough to have served on that great boat. I am so glad that I made the trip. COUNT ME IN!! for the next one
Bill Thompson
wgthompson@mac.com or 302-270-1960
QUALITY PEOPLE MAKE QUALITY GATHERINGS! I am still having trouble controlling all of the emotions this reunion produced. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Dan McGovern
Bill, you are absolutely right, it was a GREAT reunion! We all owe you and Chuck a great deal of gratitude for taking on the monumental task of organizing this event. You did a superb job! Also many thanks to all those others that helped bring it off. Looking forward to the next reunion.
Mike Swore
The best boat had the best reunion! It could only have been better if more had been able to make it.
Jack Liike RM2(SS) 77-80
Hats off to Bill and Chuck. You guys did an OUTSTANDING job; absolutely the BEST reunion there could ever be.Lapon mey be gone, but her spirit and enthusiasm lives on through those who were part of her crew. It was great meeting all of those who were onboard before and after I was there, and hearing of the "sea stories" they had to tell. So many memories of my own came rushing out during the reunion also.By the way, for those who knew Jim Shipp RM1(SS) 77-80, you can get in touch with him at CHIEFSHIPPUSNR@YAHOO.COM Too bad he wasn't there, but there's always the next one.See y'all in 35 months. Jack Liike
Chuck Petterson
Thanks to all for the kind words. The fact that everyone came with the intention of having a good time was the single factor that made the reunion such a success. I have always been gung-ho for the Lapon, even when it was being built I sensed we would be part of something special. Well, all of the awards and official things were nice, but the special part was the officers and crew.
Served on her from May 7,1982-May 1985. Nuc MM/Welder Mark Rivard sea pup, how is it going POP? Had some good times and bad times, but that is what makes life! Where is Ray Peters and color my submarine "black"?
Don Rotondi
CT3 (ECM spook) Rode with Capt.Mack 1967 - 1968. Barents Sea, chasin' Yankee's!
Bill (FiFi) LeFave
Great tima at reunion, it took me 11 days to get home to NH...what a party! I'll have to move closer to the next one. Thanks Mr T. and Pete for putting it together. Where was Big Moose, Sweet Dave and Drifty? Better be there next time or you'll miss out. Anyone find Stan Westover?
David L Clark QMCSS
Plank Owner 1967 - 1969
Kurt Boschen
Reported for duty 10/70 as Radioman. Was only allowed in the Radio Room twice, I think! Got stuck doing work as messman - hated that and am sure my attitude showed it - LOL! Made one Med run and fell in love with many women in many ports. Even considered going AWOL in Rota, Spain while in drydock but the girl I was with couldn't speak English and wasn't much help. Left Lapon in May of '71 to serve aboard the Grampus and Cobbler - both Pig Boats but had a lot of fun!! Now living and working near Orlando, FL.
Terry Green
tsgreen@means.net (218) 334-3222
RM2(SS) Served on Lapon from 81-85. 1 Med run (had to stand watch in sonar, the Doctors say I'm recovering from that quite nicely), 1 Northern run and some quality shipyard time (sound familiar Kip?). 1 of the happiest and saddest days of my life was standing on the pier watching my mates take the Lapon out for her round the world cruise in 85. It's hard to explain that to a bunch of jack-pine savages here in Northern Minnesota. Sorry to have missed the reunion, I will not miss the next! So, Irelan, Kip, Cummings, Shortess, Pudge, Doug Cox, Noel and anyone else that I served with feel free to get ahold of me!! P.S. I'm gonna dig out some of my old pictures... that should make some of you very nervous (Remember the Halloween Party KIP?)
Jeff Sharkey
Reported onboard December 1976 through November 1980 in M-Division. Left as a MM1(SS). Now work for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as technical assistant to one of the five Commissioners. Lot's of ex-nukes in this business. Just found the site today and am sorry to have missed the reunion. I've got lot's of photos from 2 Med runs and 1 Northern run that I'll try to post. Great site, and it brings back wonderful memories.
Rick Cooper
Served as a sonarman from 75 to 78. We had the best crew in the Fleet and most certainly the sharpest STs! TJ and Tim were the best teachers and for a lot more than how to classify contacts. We had some pretty exciting times and there are more than a few memories that will never die. The most famous line I remember was Captain Murray branding us as Steely Eyed Killers of the Deep in Rosey Roads.
Donna Layton
I'm an ex-wife of Rob(Bear) Stevens, he was a machinst from 73 to 77, I remember a few names on this list but the one that is missing and I someone's help in locating is for a Robert Story he served the same time, and was a good friend please if any one knows his whereabouts please pass them on. Thank you, Donna Layton p.s. I enjoyed this site, brought back some good memories.
David J. Whitfill
Davy Navy breaks down and decides to add to the growing Deck Log! MMI(SS), MO/ELT from 1978 through 1980 (and yes...definitely more ELT than MO! Just ask Broce Cope and Jeff Sharkey). A special thanks to Tim Barrett for coming into the backroom of that Charleston strip bar looking for me after an extended absence...you never know what evils he saved me from . Went on to instructor duty at DIG in West Milton, NY, and got out of the Navy in 1984. Worked my first two summers at Indian Point Unit II for Numanco. I enrolled at Kansas State University in the Fall of 84 and wound up working at the KSU TRIGA MkII Reactor Facility in the fall of 1985. Eventually wound up as Reactor Supervisor. Left KSU in 1991 (after getting my B.S. in Nuclear Engineering) to work for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's Radiation Control Program in the area of environmental radiation surveillance and emergency response. Took me till 1995 to finally get my M.S. NE (Never, never, never think you will easily finish up your schoolin while on the job!) Became a CHP a couple of years ago. I was joking with Ernie "Red" Lang about it a month or so ago and he commented that where he worked "You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a CHP." Sort of his West Virginian way of saying don't get to full of yourself-good advice Red...
EMCM(SS) Cadman
I was onboard for over five years in the mid 80's. I remember this ship and her crew as the best people that I ever had the pleasure of serving with. From Captain Flannery on, the people made the ship always capable of doing her job and the crew the best there ever could be. I served on several submarines afterwards, but none hold the same memories. If ever the term "shipmate" was formed, it was for the LApon and her crew. Best wishes to all and stay in touch. Fair winds and following seas. Does anyone remember Captain Flannery standing on the brow of the ship and holding up his ID card and asking everyone to look at theirs? He said that anyones whose card was green was going to sea. Ended a few arguments.
Edward Weinkam (LT)
I was on Lapon from September 1975 through August 1979. I served as Comm Officer, RCA, DCA, and Weapons Officer.
Fred Papay
I was stationed with Bob Boley RMC onboard the USS BLAIR, DER-147. I'm trying to get in touch with him; unfortunately, the *.aol address is no longer valid. Does anyone know Bob's new email address? I'd appreciate it. THANK YOU!
Greg Cobb
cbgrg@aol.com & cobbf@basf.com
On the boat from 71 till 74. MMI SS (M-Div), Transfered to new construction in Newport News with the Baton Rouge SSN689. Got out in May 78. Still Married to Rosa for 26 +. Work at BASF as a Senior Mechanical Engineer in Louisiana. Sorry I didn't make the reunion. Had some problems at ours. The Coordinator , Mark Lench, died the same weekend. He was an A-ganger whom done good. Made LCDR. Keep in touch. Cobb
David Duryea
Please update my e-mail address.
John Bufis
OK Guys, In a moment of madness I volunteered to coordinate the next reunion in 2003, so Belly Up some suggestions for a location. I have a list of my own and am starting to check them out but if enough want a particular place I won't argue much.
Charlie Hayes
Went aboard 6-12-66 precom.Remember those pizza nights.Retired in 71 and worked at the Sands Hotel Las Vegas,Nev.for 18 yrs.Still partying.Sent email to Tom Cox but hav'nt heard anything.Hope to hear from some of you plank owners.I go on the radio once in a while and play some of those submarine songs.www.lvjambandsociety.com/lyonsden.htm check it out. Where's McGirk???
Steve Jones QM2(SS)
Plank Owner To Lapon from sub-school. Feb 67 transferred to Sirago Jan 70. Often think of Dave Clark , Mo Mosher , Don Selby ,and others. Lapon was quite an adventure. I've never forgotten those days or those friends , but just seemed to lose touch. Will be at the next reunion.
Samuel "Joe" Goble
served on the Lapon from 77-79 as torpedomanmate under chief decoster. Thanks for the knickname :goober", dj. It still sticks.
Dan McGovern
I've moved from Virginia to Maine and have a new email address: danmcgovern@adelphia.net
Bill Dewey
Served on LAPON 68-70. ET1(SS) SINS Tech. Looking foward to hearing from some of the guys. Sorry I missed the reunion, looking foward to the next one.
Dan McGovern
Shipmates, I just received an art print of LAPON that I got through an ebay auction that I thought you might be interested in. I'm not selling for the artist or getting any cut but thought I'd pass the information on to you about his work because I was happy to find it. The art is by Ian Hall, Royal Air Force retired who is now living in California. I'm very pleased with my print and thought some of you may be as well. He has made 100 prints which may be purchased at his web site (http://hometown.aol.com/woodblox/myhomepage/index.htm) for $30 each or if you feel lucky he has another up for bid on ebay. The starting bid is $20 or it can be purchased as a "buy now" if you don't want to take a chance on bidding. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.
EMCM(SS) Ron Cadman
Just wanted to update my E-maiil address and say hello again. I am very interested in going to the next reunion in 2003.
David J. Whitfill
MM1(SS) from 1977 thru 1980...ELT...where are the rest of you slugs (I know where you are Ernie, but how about Foley, Taylor, Pointon, and any other rad master I may have missed)? Found quite a few of the real Machinist Mates...got to see Jeff Sharkey this summer when I attended a training class at the NRC. Well, where did I go? From the Lapon I went to West Milton, NY, for instructor duty at D1G...got out in 84 and went to work for Numanco at Indian Point 2 as a Senior HP. Figured the roadwhore biz wasn't my gig and enrolled at Kansas State University where I got on as Reactor Staff at their TRGA MkII. Wound up as Reactor Supervisor and a B.S./M.S. in Nuclear Engineering. Went to work for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's Radiation Control Program in 1991...got certified as a CHP a couple of years ago. Alternate email is dwhitfil@kdhe.state.ks.us
Lonnie Henderson
Served from 74 to 78. Known as "LOWER LEVEL LONNIE". Was one of the few NUC's to MESS COOK. Went thru Refueling in 76 in NNSBDD Co. Went thru 2 Med Runs and innumerable spec ops. Everone remember us sitting with the nose out and loading parties? Miss everone Much. Best Bunch Of Guys EVER. Even you noseconers. Remember the Excitement of losing the RX control, Hot Run, and the little Fire in AMR2? Wasn't Moomaw Great? Was one of the few to remain after the Overhaul. Was a little of everthing. SO SORRY to miss the Reunion but was not aware but want to make the next. Wouldn't miss it for the world. BEST TO ALL LAPON CREW MEMBERS. Contact me if you want.
Art Hoag, MM1SS
Crew member 1968-1972.
yn2ss john hourican
new email address. Served on board from 90-92 (DECOM Crew).
Earl Crowley
Crew member from 1988-1991. Auxiliaryman ruled under the guidance of MM1 Sweeney, Tim. Will never forget getting that Flood Control checkout from MM1 "POP" Rivard.
Steve Brock
Served from 80-84. a.k.a. KingDink. Keeper of the "Dink Night Orders", which I still have. Wanna take a look Evanhoff? Where's Peters?
Ronny Saxe
Very nice website, keep going on honouring Subs and SubVets. Please visit me at http://users.skynet.be/RonSubCovers/ Warm greetings from Belgium - Ron
Paul Boykin
I served on the Lapon from 86 - 90, I was a SK2 at the time. Currently a SKCM serving on a boat in Kings Bay. I just recently found the web site and I hope to be able to attend the next reunion.
Chuck Pemble
Where are all the survivors of the 85 around the world "cruise"? (not mentioned in any History it appears.....) Anyone know the whereabouts of MM Ken Choate? How about we start a fund and buy that old wreck.....Take Care!
chet zeshonski Hm1
denmarche @aol.com
counducted sleep surveys and the effects of prolonged prone positioning. Also served as the HMfrom 76 to 80. Two CO's and Three XO's and they survived. Found the web site and it is outstanding. Good to see so many familar names which brought back many plesant memories. Would the person who procured the "78 med run satire tape.please make copy and returned. No questions asked. Would be good for the reunion. Maybe I know who you are and are just waiting for your next prostrate exam or sigmoidoscopoy. Best wishes to all and hope everyone found what they were looking for in life./s/ Dioc aka mattress back aka if the corpsman is up it must be meal time.

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