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Below are the very first Deck Log Entries.

Jim Rogers
New Email

Mel Browne
Served on board as nuke machinist mate in May '73 and left as MM1(SS)in May 1977 right after the fast cruise following refuel. Will not be able to make the reunion. Still have to earn a living. Who has the duckbill platypus from the mess deck?
Tom Grow
MM1(SS) A-Gang - Served on board from 79 thru 82. Quite a few bittersweet memories. Hope to make the reuninon. I'll tell Dave Jelinek and John Dwyer about it. Has anyone heard from Scott Pointon or Jack Foy?
Howell, Daniel J.
Served on board from 71 thru 78. "A" gang MM1(ss)now retired MMCS(ss)
Don Salisbury
Reported onboard May 67 as STS-2[SS],I acquired the one armed bandit for the boat,was assistant photographer for Petterson[he needed someone to carry the heaveyer equiptment to Nucleonics].Left the Lapon on the day she left for the Big run.
Ron Lockwood
Plank Owner to Blind Man's Bluffer,1967-1970 IC1 (SS)Nuke So many memories. Spent months on the barge, I remember not crossing the picket line, touring the newly christened JFK, 2 Alpha trials,changing bearings on the port motor generator at sea, traveling from Norfolk to the Azores on the surface,and especially my last patrol, which to my surprise I read about in Blind Man's Bluff. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion!
James T. (MO) Mosher
QM2(SS)1967-1969 Plank owner.Commissioning Crew.Reported aboard as QM3 from Westpac via submarine school May 1967. Transferred to Skate July 1969.
Ed McCarthy
Reported onboard USS Lapon Jan 71 as SK2 (leading SK) and remained onboard 6 years. Seems like a lifetime ago. Retired after 27 years as SKCM(SS)with the USS Tennessee SSBN-736 as my last boat. Presently working as Parts Manager for NutraMax Products, Inc. a pharmaceutical company in Gloucester, Mass. Wife and I expect to be at the reunion.
Randy Melbye MM2/SS
Served onboard from 84 to 88. Have since retired but continue to work on the boats at Kings Bay Sub Base in Ga. Hope to see you in Oct!
Dennis Barrington
YNCS(SS/AW/SW/DV) Served on her from 85 - 88, made the AROUND THE WORLD CRUISE, (really enjoyed American Samoa, how about you Melbye?) Have since retired and running my own business in Virginia Beach, Va.
Rory Dwyer
ET2(SS) RC Div. Mar 77 - Dec 80. I came aboard during the ROH at Newport News, and rode Lapon through two Med runs and a northern run. Enlisted in the Navy Reserve while in college, and became an Engineering Duty Officer after graduation. Currently working for ABB Power T & D Co. in Raleigh, NC, and drilling at COMNAVSURFLANT in Norfolk as a LCDR. Looking forward in October to seeing old friends and to the sub tour. Will try to shoe-horn my pregnant wife through the weapons loading hatch.
Daryl W. Drake
STS1(SS) Served 1978 to 1982. WOW! It's been awhile gang.
Glenn Hanson
e-mail correction
Steve Kipuros (TM2/SS)
I served aboard the Lapon from 1981-1984. During which I wason a Northern Run, Med Run and finished up in dry dock at Newport News Shipyard.
Reported to Lapn in 73 as MMC and relieved Norm Johns in A-Div. Later COB as MMCS and left in 78 and retired in 80. Talked with John Rowe EMC and he will be with Sallie and I at the reunion. Talked with Eric Mack (gs 12) and he is hoping to be there also.
Paul Cutler
Came to the Lapon in May of 87 as an EM3 left as an EM2 in June of 91
Paul Austin
Philip S. Bird
MM2(SS) 1971 - 1972 Spent an exiting Naval submarine career in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery Maine. Sure do miss Mr. Hobbs, "Frenchy" Oulettte and "Clarabell" (Bob McVey). Had a lot of great memories thanks to a bunch of great guys! Hey "Precious", nice to see your name again.
Joseph Mongelli
Served on the USS Lapon 260 as a motor machinist mate 1c v-6 USNR served from 42-45 would like to hear from any other of you Lapon 260 guys
Bill (fifi) LeFave
ETN2/3 plank owner aboard Lapon (66?)67 thru aug 70 great boat, great guys. Memories include saving Ltjg Thompson from missing boat in Bermuda (i think was Bermuda)as we found him walking back to base early am[lol]. Somehow we had taxi? see you all at reunion
Rob "Bayou Bob" Shortess
I gave the Lapon four and one-half years of the prime of my life. I had a woman in every port and if not for my ability to sniff out russkies, Captain Baumstark would have never been promoted to Admiral. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I look forward to seeing the best crew that ever fought in the greatest of all wars --The Cold War. P.S. Jimmy Terry and I put the live lobster in the COB's rack.
ET 1 (SS) Tony Francia
Plank Owner May 67-Feb69, navet, continued career and retired 1988.
William Fox
A-Div Chief from 11/84 to 07/86.
Jim Rogers
Looking for Greg 'Abdul' Webber. he was a MM in the 74 to 77 time frame. HELP!!!
Bill Martin
I served on board from 75 to 78. I am currently the lead I&C Instructor at Surry Nuclear Power Station. It is great to see the names of so many memories.
Hurshel Hobbs
I served on LAPON from 69-73. I want to personally thank Bill Thompson and Chuck Peterson for their outstanding efforts in putting the greatest ship's reunion ever.It was really great seeing friends and shipmates from one of the best periods in my life. If you missed the reunion, do not miss the next one. I know I will be there. Again, to Bill and Chuck,THANKS guys, words can not describe how great it was.

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